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December 15, 2017

First of all... I am so excited to be here. And by "here", I don't mean bundled under the covers on a Thursday night surrounded by what is best described by my husband as my "pillow fort". Rather, I am truly excited to be 4 weeks away from the opening of my dream, Savvy Bride Boutique. 


When we tell people that we are opening a consignment bridal boutique, I bet half of their minds picture their mother's 1980's wedding dress with the big poofy sleeves, smelling of mothballs and hairspray. What we are though, is an upscale, modern bridal boutique offering the best designers and their most recent collections at 30-60% off retail. How can we offer Hayley Paige, Enzoani, Jim Hjelm and Tara Keely (to name a few) at such a large discount? We do it in three ways:


#1- Buying/Consigning samples from other boutiques. 

When Modern Trousseau releases a new collection, the boutiques that carry that brand (or any others) has to purchase a certain number from that collection to carry in their store. So twice a year, boutiques get the newest season in, and need to make room on their racks. This is prime time for us to take a look at what might be discontinued, or what just might not be selling from that designer at that particular boutique. We then morph into deal makers and it is a win-win-win situation. We win with awesome new stock that we can then discount, the boutique wins because they have room for new designs and can recoup some of the cost of these samples, and the bride wins because she can now buy that dress for significantly less money. We make sure to clean and alter any dresses that need it prior to it hitting our racks, but you'd be impressed - these boutiques take extremely good care of their investments. 


#2- Consigning NWT (new with tags) gowns from brides themselves.

You would be shocked at how often this scenario happens... a newly engaged bride-to-be is so excited about getting married that she purchases a dress shortly after getting engaged. She then realizes, 6 months later, that the dress doesn't fit the venue, or maybe she's been hitting the gym so hard the dress is beyond alterations. So she goes and buys another dress. The bride can then consign the original dress with us and recoup some of her costs. And the new bride is getting an awesome deal on a brand new, never worn dress. 


#3 - Consigning pre-wed wedding gowns from brides.

In what I've seen throughout this process, the stigma of wearing someone else's dress is fading, and fading fast. It would be amazing if everyone could afford that $6,000 Modern Trousseau gown, but that is just not a luxury most brides can afford. Even women that have splurged on that dress, don't quite feel the attachment afterwards to keep it in a box for the next 20 years. So the perfect solution - is to consign. What better way to honor that dress than to share it with someone on their big day? We think it's amazing when women want to share the dress of their dreams and we are excited to be the conduit for that magic to happen.


To come full circle here, we know weddings are expensive, to put it lightly. My husband and I were married October 17th, 2017 (yes like 2 months ago!) and this whole business stemmed from my frustration of finding anything for a wedding that wasn't 6x the price of what it would normally cost. I personally think being savvy is the new sexy, because seriously, there are ways to stay within budget AND get exactly what you want. Come check us out at Savvy Bride Boutique when we open in January. We are close to 250 dresses (300 is our goal). I can guarantee you something will catch your eye. And the great thing is, even if it's not enough to say yes to, we get new stock in weekly. See you soon!

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