googledc0f419d28e5f9a1.html Think All Bridal Stores Are The Same? Think Again...

Think All Bridal Stores Are The Same? Think Again...

December 19, 2017


I was forwarded this great article called "The Way A Boutique Bridal Store Changed My Wedding" (article link below), and was immediately empathetic to the bride. Been there girl! 


To sum up this read, the bride details how we are all conditioned to shop. We think we need to excessively shop, find the best deal, your dream dress isn't at the first store, etc, etc. And therefore, she leaves a lovely small boutique, for a big box chain store, and was brought to tears by the difference in service. A story that is all too common.


The reason I love boutiques, especially in Charlotte, is because the store owners and employees are hands down superior in customer service than pretty much any chain retailer. They have passion for this business, and I can almost always find exactly what I'm looking for (and all to often leave with things I didn't plan on buying!) 


Wedding dress shopping is a big day.  You should feel SO excited to look through dresses, decide what style you like best, narrow it down to two choices, and then pop champagne because you've found "the one". Boutique's in Charlotte have plenty of depth in regards to price points and sizes, so there is no shortage of what you might fall in love with, within your budget. 


So when you're deciding on where to shop - trust us - shop small and go with a Boutique. Savvy Bride Boutique carries dresses in sizes 2-32 and at price points starting at $700 all the way up to $6,500. Our bridal consultants are hand-picked, and know each dress intimately. So book an appointment, and experience the difference of shopping small for your big day!




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