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Why Are Honeymoon's Shrinking?!

December 25, 2017


Let's be honest, planning a wedding is stressful. Add on top of that the fact that you have a full time job, possibly kids (or at least fur babies), social commitments, student loans to worry about, and that parking ticket you've been putting off paying (P.S.... go do that!). 


It's no surprise then that the honeymoon has shrunk in terms of duration and cost in the last 10 years. But what is surprising, is that it has shrunk in half. Yes, IN HALF! An article posted on reports that the norm was a 2 week post-nuptial getaway where you and your new partner could relax and spend some quality time together. Now, 30% of all couples report that they skimp on their honeymoon because of cost. And 1 in 10 couples don't take one at all.


The good news is, it is becoming a more common request to ask for contributions to a honeymoon fund as a wedding gift. We did it, and trust me, I don't regret not getting that super fancy blender that probably would have been used once and stuck in the cabinet. A lot of couples live together prior to marriage and therefore don't need the traditional house gifts to "start them off" in their life together. So don't be shy or think it's rude, you deserve that honeymoon and asking for contributions is totally acceptable. 


Financial constraints is a reality most of us face to some degree or another. You don't have to go into debt for your dream wedding, or dream gown for that matter, and where you might not be able to take 2 weeks off work, you can absolutely have that dream honeymoon. 


New stats like this just continues to solidify our believe that Savvy Bride Boutique fits into this new budget-concious wedding trajectory, and that there is a need for more budget-friendly wedding vendors. Saving 50% on your dream gown literally leaves you with thousands of extra dollars you've been looking for to snag those baller plane tickets to Bora Bora.


So leave the snow behind, pack your bikini and start thinking of someplace warm. Oh, and book your appointments starting Jan 20, 2018 with Savvy Bride for that gown you've been dreaming about! 



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