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Fun Ideas For Your 1 Year Anniversary (That Isn't Paper)

February 6, 2018


It's crazy to think, but next week is my 1 year anniversary to my wonderful husband and business partner Matt. 


So when I'm looking at what the celebratory 1 year gift is.. it's paper.... what?? Paper what? No clue. And apparently the "modern" gift is a clock. Okay, well my iPhone is attached to my hand 90% of the day so I definitely don't need to be reminded what time it is. 


If you're anything like us, life happens at a million miles an hour. And that's how it feels right now as I'm looking back on the last year. I remember how nervous I was leading up to the day we got married. Stressing out about whether I picked the right color shoes to match his tux. Like really? I needed to chill! We take ourselves way too serious. 


So here are some things we've decided to do instead of traditional gift giving: 


1. Take A Mini-Moon (Again)


Other than the fact that we love to travel, and I'm sure you do too, there are plenty of excuses as to why we "can't get away for the weekend." And I'm not talking about jetting off to Rome, but maybe a little AirBnB a few hours away where just the two of you can chill and remember what it's like to just enjoy each other without distractions. You can find really inexpensive places in some really cool parts of town, and go be married! My fave - get a good bottle of wine, a picnic style dinner, some good music, and lots of laughs. Oh that sounds so good right now. Ours will be a very snowy AirBnB in a ski village - ooohhhh yes. 


2. Re-Write Or Re-Read Your Vows


Matt and I never exchanged vows because we were married at the courthouse, so this is definitely something we are doing for our 1 year. It's actually really hard to sit down and in proper English explain how you truly feel about the love of your life. Plus, I've learned so many new things about my husband, it's like falling in love with him all over again. Of course, I'm going to cry because I'm a sap, but I don't tell my husband nearly enough WHY I love him. And this is a great opportunity to reflect on everything we've been through in the past year. I got these awesome vow cards (I guess this counts as paper?) and afterwards I plan on framing them. 





3. Do Something You've Never Done Before


I don't know about you, but we go to the same restaurants, same movie theatre, same bars, same everything. For all the new and wonderful things in Charlotte, we get stuck in a rut. It's easy to because at the end of the day, I want something familiar. So for your 1 year, don't go to the same restaurant spot you have date night at 20 times in the past year. One thing we are doing that neither of us have done before - dog sledding. Okay, definitely not a Charlotte activity (we will be in Mont Tremblant, Canada) but you can choose anything! Rock climbing at Inner Peaks, sushi making, wine tasting, axe throwing... anything! Be adventurous, and wander outside your comfort zone.


4. Touch Base With Your Wedding Guests


It's crazy, you have a big wedding, you invite all kinds of people you haven't seen in forever, you have a blast, and then you don't see them until someone else gets married. Seriously, why do we do that? So on your anniversary, look back at some pictures from your wedding and call a few guests you haven't talked to in the past year just to check in and see what's new. I guarantee that person will be touched that you were thinking of them while reminiscing on how much fun your wedding was. And life is short, we get busy and we lose touch with people we were really close to. Spread the love!


5. Wear White


The last time I wore an all white outfit? My wedding. You see, I'm clumsy, so anything white that I own has a high likelihood of having stains on it. But white makes me feel like a bride, even if it is just white jeans and a sweater. Yes, it's a little silly but it something a little special to add to the night. Just make sure you're not eating spaghetti, or you might regret this choice! 


So what are we planning on doing for our 1 year? Well we are going a little over-the-top and planned a vacation out of it to Mont Tremblant, Canada which is a ski resort town. We are combining our ski vacation with a vow renewal ceremony atop a ski slope. Add in there a day of dog sledding, and lots of hot chocolate. But hey, I couldn't help myself! Mont Tremblant is one of the prettiest towns in the world, and I have a reputation of not being able to do anything low-key. There will be no paper, and no clocks, but lots of Aprés Ski!





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