googledc0f419d28e5f9a1.html What “Getting In Shape“ For Your Wedding SHOULD Mean...

What "Getting In Shape" For Your Wedding SHOULD Mean...

March 9, 2018



I would say without a shred of doubt that 99.9% of brides are to some degree or another, concerned with "getting in shape" for their wedding. And they might largely be thinking of dropping a few pounds because, let's be honest, those pictures will hopefully be lasting forever! But "getting in shape" means much more than just focusing on your waistline. So we've put together a list of areas that also need some attention leading up to the big day. 


1. Your Finances

Joining in marriage usually also means joining of finances between you and your partner. Whether it's buying a house, joining bank accounts or planning for kids, your finances are going to be intertwined moving forward. So it's important to sit down, discuss any debt (if you haven't already) and sketch out a future Finance Plan. This could be as easy as a roadmap of what you want to plan for - the big wedding, a honeymoon, a house with 2.5 kids in 3 years time, etc. And then taking an honest look at where your current and proposed income aligns. Debt is expensive - VERY expensive, and can burden you for years. So have a serious conversation and if necessary, make short and long term goals to get debt free. 


2. Being "Mentally Fit"

It's kind of crazy that we put ourselves through this huge stress test when preparing for the big day. Inviting guests usually means the obligatory invite to a few family or friends that, let's be honest, you probably don't want there. I'm a big proponent of doing it your way, but if your family dictates certain guests must be invited, well then it's time to get mentally fit. What does that entail? This is a personal solution. It may mean reaching out to that person and having a discussion prior to your big day if you think drama might flare up during cocktail hour. It may mean designating a friend to be "the enforcer" if something were to happen. It also could entail just coming to terms that not all families are perfect and ensuring yourself that it won't ruin your awesome mood when you walk down the aisle. 


3. Getting Your House "Guest Friendly"

At some point or another, unless you are having a destination wedding, you're going to run the risk of having some guests wind up at your house. Don't get caught with dirty laundry and a messy kitchen - and definitely don't worry about spending 5 hours cleaning. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a house cleaning service. You're going to have so much on you mind, let someone else worry about a tidy house. You can cruise sites like Groupon who offers services from several vendors and can book well in advance. Also, coming home to a perfectly clean house once all the craziness is done? Can't end on much more of a better note than that. So get your house in tip-top shape and you'll be happy you prepped. 


4. Lose Some (Paper) Weight

The world never stops turning, especially for us Lady Bosses. And if you have a career, you may also have a very demanding schedule that doesn't seem to ever let up. What would be perfect? The week off to casually roll into the biggest weekend of your life. But that is a luxury few can afford. Instead, focus on clearing a lot of the paper weight that is stacking up. Physically clearing things off your desk is going to give you that sense of accomplishment and a feeling of relief when you are finally able to leave the office for good and funnel your focus into having fun. Don't be afraid (or forget) to turn your work cell off so the boss can't accidentally call you!


There is so much to think about in preparation for your wedding weekend. Hopefully these 4 "work-outs" will help get you in shape, in more ways than one!


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