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How Do Some Brides End Up Buying 3 Gowns? I'll Tell Ya...

March 24, 2018

 Savvy Bride Boutique sells off-the-rack gowns, including gowns that brides may have previously purchased and never worn. We love getting new inventory, but it's always interesting to see brides walk in with as many as THREE gowns that they have purchased and never worn. 


It's still surprising when I see it, but it's the same story over and over from the bride. So I'm here to offer advice for brides that may be struggling with some very common dress buying situations.


When Someone Else Is Paying For The Gown


Weddings are expensive and when someone else offers to pay for the dress, WOW! First, be very thankful and grateful that you have such a wonderful support system - they definitely deserve a huge hug and some tears. But prior to accepting the offer, have one thought cross your mind... is this person going to be supportive of what YOU want in a gown? 


We've seen this constantly - Mom/Aunt/Grandmother is buying the dress and has an opposing opinion on how you should look. So now, you are stuck between choosing the gown you want and "disappointing" them, or choosing their pick and potentially regretting (and therefore consigning) your dress later. BTW - both are really awkward to witness as a bridal consultant!


We suggest having a very real discussion with your squad including the person who is paying for your dress, and discuss what you want to look like on your wedding day. It never ceases to amaze me when a bride comes in and has the most amazing, supportive, animated entourage and it is literally the most fun we have all day in the salon. These are the brides that share their vision with their loved ones, and so when it comes time to find a dress, everyone can relax, have fun, drink champagne and ooh-and-ahh over you until you say "yes to the dress!"


P.S. - if you think someone might try to push their agenda on you, politely leave them at home. A good excuse? Just tell them the boutique's max for each group is "x" number of guest and you're already full! Easy peasy!


You Fall In Love With A Gown On A Resale Website


We can attest - buying a gown that was previously a sample, or from a bride who never wore it, is a great deal. But when you're buying anything online, you run the risk of fit issues. This is 1000x more concerning when you're buying a gown online, especially if you've never tried that Designer on before. Why? Well - wedding dresses fit very differently than any other article of clothing you may have worn. So you are gambling with buying a gown that doesn't fit. Second - a lot of gowns are non-returnable. So you buy it, you own it. Third - these sites are usually not checking for authenticity. Meaning, you run the risk of it being a knock-off. You may not be surprised to hear that the wedding dress market is riddled with knock-offs. That is, sellers claiming to be selling legit Modern Trousseau gowns, yet it's not. Fourth - when trying on gowns, the boutique can estimate for you what alterations can be done and which ones can't. A good seamstress is worth her weight in gold, but even they have their limits. And it would be very tough to have a seamstress comment on the alterations needed prior to you buying the dress and taking it to them. So if you're considering buying online, just make sure you account for these potential road bumps. 


They Got Pressured To Buy A Dress That Was On Sale


Normal boutiques have sample gowns, and then the gowns you purchase they order in your size. You wait 4-6 months, and you get your beautiful, new gown (which BTW still requires alterations). If that boutique is offering a flash sale, you may be pressured into buying a gown that day (even if the gown can be ordered any day of the week). And maybe, you aren't quite ready to say yes but you do anyways because you're afraid you'll miss out on a deal. Ouch!


Bridal Boutiques are just like any other industry, where at certain times of the year, most boutiques will encourage sales by lowering the price. If you absolutely love the dress, well then it's an easy decision. But if you're feeling pressure, think through it logically. Are you saying yes because you want a deal? Or is it because you love it? Because if you don't love it, you could be regretting your purchase, and looking to consign the gown as soon as it comes in. 


This was something I personally dealt with when wedding dress shopping - so when starting Savvy Bride, I made it all very clear to our wonderful bridal consultants. No matter what the situation, never pressure a bride to buy. We offer $100 deposits that will "hold" the dress for a week (we take it off the floor so no one else can try it on) so you can think about it overnight, but our goal is that when you buy a dress, that is the one you happily get married in. And speaking honestly? Ya - there are girls that call back after a few days and say they changed their mind (at which point that $100 can go towards an accessory or veil). But at least they didn't regret buying a dress. So when dress shopping, if you are feeling pressured, take a step back and truly ask yourself if you love this dress. 


These are just a few of the many reasons we hear brides buy multiple dresses. It is a very large purchase, and one that you shouldn't rush into or feel pressured to purchase right away. So go in with a game plan, whether that be with your entourage, the one buying your dress, or into a sale, always keep sight of what it is YOU want and be true to yourself and your vision. 






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