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How I Sold My Sister The Perfect Dress (And She Still Talks To Me!)

April 14, 2018





So I was lucky enough to be the bridal consultant that found my sister her dream dress. Not just sister, TWIN sister. So I'd be lying if I said I didn't do some "pre-work" and try on some gowns for her (we do have the same body type, so why not?!)


I joined the Savvy Team early this year when we first opened, and I've been lucky enough to help dozens of brides find their dream dress so far. As a bridal consultant, you get used to seeing the same obstacles to overcome, over and over again. So I'm here to share my experience, and use my sister's day as a great example of pretty much all the hard things to overcome during your appointment!

Be Open And Honest With Your Consultant - Like You Would With Your Sister!


Now there is no one on this earth that knows my sister better than me, which is what made this appointment so great. And you might be surprised to know, but even brides I've never met before, I beleive a good bridal consultant will often times know her better than she knows herself. 


Brides need to keep in mind, we are here to help! We are your biggest cheerleader and know that the happiest brides are the ones that get what THEY want, not what their entourage wants her to get. In my sister's appointment, I knew what she didn't want - which is often times just as important as knowing what you want. And her entourage was not so helpful - "oooh, I like them all!" - is not solid feedback (but we do love how open everyone was).


Why do I think she found a gown at Savvy? I'm her sister, which means we are brutally honest with each other. And therefore she found exactly what she wanted. So the moral of the story here, treat your consultant like a sister. Be open, be brutally honest with each other, and you'll get exactly what you want!


Narrow Your Search Down Within A Few Appointments (Max!)


My sister had gone to quite a few boutiques prior to coming to Savvy. This is totally okay - but what isn't is when I would get pics of her "faves" and every boutique she liked a completely different kind of dress. No wonder she couldn't find the one! 


Wedding dress shopping is so much fun, but at the end of the day, you are on a mission find the gown that is going to make him cry walking down the aisle. I always suggest looking through pictures and magazines ahead of time to get an idea of what you like and share this with your consultant. But be prepared to start making decisions pretty quick, that the first step in finding your gown is finding your shape. Your consultant will help you nail this down, so stay positive! My sister is slender and short - and when you're a short bride, a lot of dress "swallow" you. Her best silhouette is a fit-and-flair which elongates her body. We quickly determined this was the best shape, and pulled dresses with these characteristics. 


Stay Within Budget! (SERIOUSLY)


This is so important to keep in mind. As a consultant, I get to see every dress that comes in the door. And they are all beautiful, and all accommodate price points that every bride will be comfortable spending. Trying on a dress outside of your budget is okay if your budget can stretch, but setting up an unrealistic expectation right off the bat is disheartening. My sister fell in love with a Berta gown online. Well guess what, the gown is $11,000! The good thing is though, designers know Berta gowns are popular designs and therefore they create similar gowns using less expensive methods (for example, using beading appliqué vs. hand beading - BIG DIFFERENCE!) Don't be nervous to ask if there are less expensive options from designers that you can look at. 


When You Find Your Gown - SAY YES!


OMG... talk about the most frustrating thing - my sister loves the gown but is afraid to say yes because she thinks maybe there is something out there she hasn't seen yet and wants to try on. Trying on more gowns isn't always the best idea, and can end up confusing you. When you know you have the one on, say yes! One big decision down, then now you can focus on accessories, the veil, which shoes and hairstyle, etc. There are so many more decisions to make, so go ahead and make the big one!


Don't Forget To Accessorize 


Sometimes, just adding color with a sash or belt will give you a completely different look. It is also a great way for one gown to look like 2 different dresses. My sister wanted a ceremony look and a reception look, but didn't have the budget for two different gowns. So we took the gown, and put two different "looks" using accessories. End result? The exact two different looks she wanted. So my advice, don't be nervous about asking about more bling, or color. You never know how accessories are going to change a look until you put it on!


I had so much fun working with my sister, and for me, I prefer that every bride treats me like a sister during an appointment because it makes my job so much easier and fun. Savvy Bride has almost 300 handpicked gowns. Trust me - we have what you're looking for if you allow your "sister" to help you out during your appointment!



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