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Try Something Different For Your Something Blue

April 28, 2018

We've all heard, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" but where does that even come from? 


This is actually an old English tradition that dates back to the late 1800s and many brides today still see it as a symbol of good luck. 


Up until recently, it was also tradition to wear your mother's dress. But if you're like me and was born in the 80's, I think we can seriously all agree there is no way in hell I'm wearing my mothers wedding dress! Poofy sleeves and high neck anyone? No thanks!


So times are changing! But how do you still incorporate old traditions in a new way? We have a list of some non-traditional "blue" elements that you can incorporate to pay tribute to that lucky English tradition. 


Your Dress


Think this is a crazy idea? Think again! Blue is the newest color trend hitting designers right now (and us!). This soft, dusky/powdery blue gown is SO feminine and whimsical. We have one in store and we are seriously obsessed with it. Just like you shouldn't rule any shape out when shopping for your gown, don't rule out color either. If you're going non-traditional, definitely give this a go!


Flowers & Ribbon


We absolutely love flowers of any kind here at the bridal salon. And incorporating blue into your bouquet on your big day is such a great idea. A personal favorite is blue thistles or something out of the box like berries. Just don't squish them! Another great idea is to add a blue ribbon to your bouquet. 


Bouquet Charms or Broach


A simple blue charm incorporated into your bouquet is a nice touch as well. Possibly looking at Nana's broaches might lend you some creative elements to incorporate into the flowers. I often times forget how different yet awesome my Nana's vintage jewelry is from back in the day. It is a great way to also knock off that something old!




Thinking you might be crying down the aisle (hopefully not too hard!)? You definitely don't want to run the risk of your mascara running onto your dress. Talk about a nightmare. So instead of having tissues with you, think about getting a handkerchief to wrap around your bouquet instead. This is an easy item to embroider as well if you have someone very special that can't be there on your day. 




Bridal accessories come in so many different styles and colors, some of my favorite at the store are actually blue or shades of green. Especially blue sapphire earrings, what a great and bold way to be different on your big day. You can also get pretty much any belt modified to have a blue sash instead of ivory or white. This is a good option if you are trying to tie your ensemble to a color palette like possibly your bridesmaids dresses. Even look at hairpins - or even getting florals in your hair. There are literally so many options if you want to incorporate blue into your accessories. Even more bold? Try getting your shoes in a blue hue. Badly Mischka is a popular bridal shoe designer and just look at how much these would pop. 




Think you would ever wear blue eyeliner on your wedding day? I'm bold, and I probably wouldn't even do that. But look at how subtle Cara Delevingne looks with just a hint of blue eyeliner. Especially for our blue eyed beauties, if you're bold enough, do it! A less bold but still great beauty "blue" is nail polish. From powder blue to cobalt, we say go for it!


So whether you choose to be traditional, or only incorporate traditional elements into a modern wedding, know that you can still "get lucky" walking down the aisle with some of these blue alternatives! And here's hoping you have blue skies too! 





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