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Confessions Of A Bridal Consultant - Part 1

May 28, 2018

Savvy Bride Boutique has been open for 5 months now, and we get asked all the time - "what is your worst bridezilla moment?!?"


This is tough for us to answer, and we don't know if it's because we attract such awesome Brides, or if we are just good at handling situations, but we haven't had a SINGLE bridezilla in here. Ever. Not one! Literally, we have had the most fun Brides and it makes our jobs not seem like jobs. 


What we have had though, are Momzilla's and Friendzilla's. We've seen actually quite a few and it affects us personally every time it happens. Even to the point where our best consultant cried along with the Bride. The story goes like this: 


One Saturday, just like any other, a Bride (we'll call her Sarah) came in for her appointment with her Mom by her side. Mom's are a big part of the appointment, and most Bride's bring their Mom, or soon-to-be Mother-In-Law, or even Grandma. We always need to quickly pick up on the social cues in order for us to understand what direction the appointment can take. 


When Sarah walked in though, she was not smiling, nor was Mom. That is social cue numero uno.... a Bride not smiling... means it is going to be a tough appointment. At this point our consultant goes into diagnosis mode and tries to understand why Sarah is upset. Most of the time it's because they have just come from another appointment where she had a bad experience. These instances are easy for us to turn around because we roll out the red carpet and champagne, and completely turn the Bride's day around.


This time though, was very different. To sum up what she told our consultant in the Bride's room, Mom was being mean. REALLY mean. Sarah wanted to just pack things up and go home and she apologized that she wasn't in the mood to try on gowns. We had convinced her though that she was already here, and she had already picked out some of our gowns online to try on, so we proceeded with dress number 1 and went to show Mom. 


What entailed was nothing short of shocking. Sarah comes out in a beautiful ballgown and her mother immediately says "Sarah this makes your hips look fat, it's disgusting take it off." Before Sarah even got to the pedestal, she turned around and walked back into the change room. Umm.... what? I wasn't there to witness this, but in discussing with the consultant afterwards, she said she was so shocked nothing would come out of her mouth.


Sarah tried to put on a smile and move on to the second dress. Different shape, different designer. Our consultant decided to ask Sarah's feedback of what she thought of the dress before showing Mom. Sarah wasn't a big fan and said her mother would hate it. So, she decided to move onto Dress #3 instead of coming out. We usually don't do this, we usually let the Bride come out even if she doesn't like the dress because we want her family to see all the styles they picked. But we felt this would upset Sarah even more.


I should note, at this point in time, I was running dresses back from the change room and could hear the Mom ask one of our other consultants which dresses do the best job at making her daughter's "linebacker shoulders" look smaller. Not joking, that's what she said. Naturally, the other consultant was shocked, but managed to mumble something I couldn't hear.


So Dress #3, Sarah loved. Like, really LOVED. She had a huge smile on her face (first time since the appointment started) and thought this was the one. So we decided to jack her up in the change room before coming out. Jewelry, veils, shoes, everything - and she looked stunning. Our consultant pumped her up and gave her a pep talk before leaving to show Mom. Almost as fast as Dress #1, Mom berated her for this pick. "Seriously, this one you like? It washes you out Sarah, and looks cheap." 


Back in the change room, our consultant cried with Sarah. It was one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen. Our consultant decided not to say anything to Mom at Sarah's request. Instead, she wrapped up the appointment and told Sarah that she can come back anytime. 


After they left, we had a group meeting to break down a "lessons learned" from the appointment. I won't go into the details, but we felt our consultant did the right thing and end the appointment. It did however, reiterate something we tell our Bride's when booking. And that is, who you bring to the appointment shouldn't be taken lightly.


Finding your wedding dress is an experience you should never forget - and it should be because it is one of your happiest memories. Not sad! So when deciding on who you will bring, decide on individuals that pump you up, not tear you down. I'm not here to tell you not to bring your mother... but I'm here to tell you that you want entourages that make you feel like a million bucks and who have your best interest in mind. It's okay if your entourage has opinions that may differ, but there is a line between being honest and being hurtful. 


We never saw Sarah again, but wherever she is we hope she found a dress as beautiful as her, and that her wedding day is filled with happiness and joy. 



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