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We Are "Shedding Some Weight" In July - SAVVY SUMMER SALE!

June 27, 2018

 Well, I need to confess, I went a little nuts the last few weeks. You know when you sometimes go to the mall and somehow wind up spending an entire paycheck but all the things you bought are wonderful and you are so happy you could scream? 


Now imagine you bring your friends with you to the mall, and you said, "Hey guys, shopping trip on me, pick out everything you like and I'll buy it!" and you add that to your pile? Ya.... that's what I did. Except I brought our Stylists, and they found 50 dresses that we all fell in love with. And now our "closet" is about to bust. 


So, time for a SALE! 


For the entire month of July we have about 40 dresses that we've marked down 75-90%. We've got several dresses that are literally $4,000 off retail, starting at $300. 


I feel like one of those cheesy commercials where I say, "Everything Must Go!!" but it's true - we need the room. We've already made a dent in the inventory, so schedule an appointment pronto! All of our sale dresses can be viewed on our website under "Sale Gowns", and here are some dresses that are on sale right now:













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