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8 Beauty Must-Haves (And When To Get Them) Leading Up To Your Big Day

July 2, 2018


Girl... let me start off by saying, we all need to spoil ourselves more. All us women work like hell, have a million things to do outside of planning a wedding, and could probably think of 5 things right now that you could start doing (or stop doing) to live a healthier life. 


Leading up to your wedding, it's easy to forget about things, so we've put together a list of beauty must-haves, and when you should schedule them.


1 Month Out - Spray Tan


This one isn't for everyone, but even if you've never had one, it's good to consider this for your wedding day. Spray tans can be modified to whatever depth of color you want (we definitely don't recommend super tan) but it will arguably even out any tan lines or skin imperfections. 


We suggest scheduling a spray tan about a month before your wedding to see if you like the results (results typically last about a week). You can generally schedule a spray tan within a few days, and you definitely want to schedule it with the same person that you would use for your wedding day. If you like your spray tan, you will want to schedule your wedding spray tan for about 3 days before your wedding. 


Personally, I love spray tans and would recommend it to other brides. Someone we trust and love their work and recommend to our brides? Lauren Cirillo of Makeup by Lauren Nicole. She also does makeup and is one of the best artists in Charlotte. So probably easy to say you can consolidate both makeup and spray tan with our girl Lauren. 


3 Weeks Out - Facial


I'll admit on this one, I have recently become a regular with getting facials. I went based on a recommendation from a friend, and I now don't remember what life was like beforehand. I never knew how much my skin could improve in appearance before I walked in there - and how much gunk was in it! I now go once a month and I love it. I absolutely suggest getting a facial 3 weeks out. All those high-res photos will show every nook and cranny, and a clarifying, brightening facial will help make you look extra fly. 


Considering I am so convinced of my Esthetician's ability that I go every month, I am recommending Jackie from The Room Clt. She literally makes magic happen. You also get $20 off your first facial if you mention us!


2 Weeks Out - Teeth Whitening Strips, Hair Touch-Up


This one is something I forgot myself, and then ended up doing a last minute whitening which costed more than I wanted to. Those teeth whitening strips from CVS work perfectly, and can lighten your smile a few shades. I consistently use those whitening strips (I blame coffee and red wine) and is something you can throw on in the evening before bed for 30 minutes or so. Definitely worth the $40 for the box, so go ahead and grab it!


Regarding your hair, now is NOT the time to try something stylishly new... but rather get any highlights or bangs touched up. Freshly done color will pop in your pics, and you definitely don't want split ends getting in the way. Getting in to see your Stylist might require you to book a few weeks in advance, so go ahead and book that now. If you know when you're getting married, you can easily book your touch-up now.


Week Of - Nails, Massage & Eybrows


Nails is kind of a given, you won't be forgetting that! Depending on what you are doing, this may be something you are going to enjoy with your bridesmaids and mom, or something you will be doing solo. Either way, I suggest you make an appointment so you don't have to wait. And pre-plan your color so you aren't making a decision on the fly. I absolutely love the Spa at Ballantyne Hotel. The first time I went there, I thought it was going to be my new home. What I love about their polish is it feels like gel, without being gel. It literally lasts for 2 weeks without chipping. 


If you have time about 2 days or even the day before, schedule yourself an hour massage. SERIOUSLY. First off, you'll thank yourself for carving out an hour of your time to just zen out, relax, and get a little "you-time" in. Inevitably, your family will drive you insane, so an hour to decompress will probably prevent a mini-meltdown later. My favorite place to go and one of Charlotte's most savvy places - Zen Massage on East Blvd. For $50, you get your money's worth!


Now for your brows, don't change anything about your normal routine. Don't go to someone new, if you do them yourself, keep doing that. But brows on fleek? Ya girl! I love getting my eyebrows threaded, and if I have a big event, I get them done about 5 days beforehand. Also, pack with you some trusted tweezers, just in case while you're doing makeup, you see a few strays.


Night Before - Eat & Drink (Water)


OMG - It's here!! And while this one isn't necessarily a beauty must-have, it's a life must-have. Apart from being excited and nervous, your brain is probably going haywire. What to do? CHUG SOME WATER. And don't forget to eat. Dehydration is the fastest way to kill your mood when you're mid-way through pictures. Designate a buddy that reminds you to drink water throughout the night. Personally, I was so excited the morning of, that my body didn't even register hunger (which is weird because I've been hungry since the day I was born). Take a moment to make sure you are reading your body signals, and eat and drink plenty of fluids!


This list can literally go on-and-on with beauty must-haves. But remember, this day is for you to enjoy and celebrate your new life together. Don't get so caught in the weeds that you forget why you're getting married. But rather, focus on a few prep items that fall in line with spoiling yourself. Time to pamper!


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