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Savvy's Sister Store, Haute & Co. ™ Is Open! And Is Every Curvy Woman's Dream.

February 5, 2019



On February 2nd, a few days after our 1 year anniversary, the same owners as Savvy Bride Boutique launched Haute & Co ™ Bridal right next door. Seems a little crazy for a bridal boutique to open another boutique essentially in the same space, right? Well we don't think so! And let me tell you why...


Savvy Bride has seen so many happy brides this past year and we couldn't be more excited. We've heard so many heart warming stories of engagements, last minute romantic elopements to Europe or the Caribbean, and long-awaited weddings with family from all over the world. We've also heard, sadly, about the stresses of finding the perfect gown. And unfortunately a lot of these stories come from such sweet and amazing brides, that haven't been able to experience their long-awaited "I said yes" moment because of sizing inconsistencies in the bridal world.


That is when Savvy reached out to the famous Haute & Co.™ Bridal boutique in Chicago after seeing "The Perfect Fit" - a TV show similar to "I Said Yes To The Dress." The Founder, Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler, and Savvy owner Nicole Steiger discussed ways to create the same authentic, luxury and magnificent experience in Charlotte. It was astonishing to hear curvy brides say they've travelled all the way to Atlanta and D.C. to shop at exclusively curvy boutiques. The market in Charlotte was definitely underserved, and brides of all sizes were long overdue for a luxury bridal experience in their own city. 


Savvy Bride Boutique had always carried up to a size 34, however bridal Designers that offer that size range are few and far between - making it very difficult to find beautiful gowns in curvy sizes. By extending the Haute & Co.™ name to the Queen City, meant that the options available for sizes 16-34 would be far more impressive. 


Just imagine a luxury, exclusive bridal destination for curvy and plus-size women catering to brides in the 16-34 size range. That is exactly what Haute & Co.™ Chicago is known for, and that is what Haute & Co.™ Charlotte will be known for as well. And we couldn't be more excited!


Haute & Co.™ Bridal Charlotte is currently occupying 201 Rampart St. in Charlotte while a permanent spot is being constructed. Eventually, Savvy Bride and Haute & Co.™ will be connected to each other, creating a very unique shopping experience for brides. Using the same business model as Savvy but adding a twist, Haute & Co.™ brides will be able to shop showroom floor gowns starting at $799, and also have a custom line starting at $1,899. 


We can't wait to meet our brides, and be able to give an unforgettable experience to every single woman that walks into either shop. Here's to the future of bridal in Charlotte!


Appointments for Haute & Co.™ can be made online at or at 980.224.7767 




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