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The New Lavish Wedding Trend With Millennials? Hint... It's About Saving Money

March 18, 2019

Around this time of year, all the statistics get published for those in the industry to track where couples are spending their money. Considering millennials make up 80% of the wedding market, a lot of focus is on this market demographic (which by the way includes myself).


With headlines like, "Millennial Weddings Cost More Than Any Other Generation" and "Nearly 40% Of Millennials Overspend To Keep Up With Their Friends," they seemingly have us pegged as a generation of keeping-up-with-the-Jones's. But what is amazing to see at Savvy Bride Boutique and Haute & Co. Bridal is the number of Brides that have opted for elopements instead of a big expensive wedding. And I'm not talking about just heading to the Courthouse for a quick afternoon outing, I'm talking about swoon-worthy mini-weddings. And the best part? Not only are they more lavish and personalized than a larger wedding, every single bride that has rolled into our boutique with plans to elope has about 1/10th of the stress level of traditional brides. Maybe that is because eloping can cost you literally a tenth of the price tag. Just because it's small and care-free though, doesn't mean there isn't a lot of planning involved. Which is why we recently hooked up with one of the coolest wedding vendors in Charlotte - The Elopement Co.


Charity Parrish heads The Elopement Co. in Charlotte and after meeting her, it's pretty apparent why so many people are talking about her right now (check out this awesome Charlotte Agenda article here). This low-key lavish option should seriously be considered by any couple out there, especially after checking out the Adventure Elopements she's done recently. 


Through The Elopement Co., couples can plan anything from a courthouse shindig to a micro-wedding - including flowers, officiant, photography, and anything else you might want to incorporate into your big mini-day. Considering venues can cost upwards of $15,000 when you account for food and booze, you can decide to spend your money where it counts, and that is on creating memories. 


We love this idea so much, and honestly it is such a big part of our business already that we are doubling down on servicing our elopement Brides. You may be able to plan your elopement in a few short months, but as you may or may not know, your wedding dress will take far longer if you have to order one. The beauty about Savvy Bride and Haute & Co. is that you can walk away with your gown today - making it the perfect option for our elopement brides. And since we are loving what Charity and The Elopement Co. is all about, we are offering 10% off our gowns for any bride that is planning their elopement with The Elopement Co. 


We are all about being savvy with your money AND getting exactly what you want, and it is so refreshing to see other vendors in this industry that want the same thing for their customers. While other vendors might be trying to maximize what you'll cough up for the perfect day, it's nice to see The Elopement Co. believes in the same premise as Savvy and Haute - that you can have the dress and wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. 










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