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The Need to Know


How do I book?/When?

We recommend you start shopping about 10-12 months out from your wedding day in order to have the most options available to you!

We are an APPOINTMENT ONLY boutique so we can dedicate our full attention to each bride.


Bridal reservations through our website are a great way to ensure you can try on dresses when you come to the shop, so if you know when you want to stop by, make a reservation! # of guests depend on the store location (Charlotte: 5, Greenville: 3, Morganton: 3).

Call us to request an appointment upgrade with a larger party!

What is an appointment like?

We pride ourselves in an elevated shopping experience, where an expert leads you and your entourage through the entire process. You are paired with a bridal stylist before your 90 minute appointment begins. They'll greet you when you arrive with a glass of champagne, chat with you about your vision and wedding day details, then guide you through our collections. You'll pick some favorites and your stylist will too, working together to narrow down a selection to help you say YES!

How much are dresses?

Our gowns begin at $1,000. Most brides typically spend $1,500 and $2,500 when they shop at our store.


We will ALWAYS honor your budget and do our best to find the gown you love!


  • Pictures of gowns that inspire you from our Instagram, designer instagrams, Pinterest, vision boards, etc

  • Photos of your venue if you've booked one

  • Undergarments of similar styles you will wear on your wedding day to help get the full look

  • Heels if you'll wear heels to get married, flats if you'll be wearing flats

What is sizing like?

While sizes vary per location, our gowns typically range from size 6-34.


All of our designers have different fits (just like no two stores at the mall will size the same), so every sample fits differently. It's important to note that bridal sizing is different than your "street size," so you may have a different size at Savvy Bride!

We understand it can be difficult to envision your dress when the sample doesn't fit perfectly, but we've got all sorts of tricks to help you achieve a close vision of what you will look like on your wedding day. We have pedestals to stand on to add length, clips to snatch you in, and more!

Do you have veils & other accessories? WHAT ABOUT MOTHER OF THE BRIDE OR BRIDESMAID DRESSES?

Each Savvy Bride location has an accessories bar and a variety of veils, headbands, and more to choose from.

We do not sell mother of the bride or bridesmaid dresses.


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