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7 Tips for Your First Bridal Appointment

Getting engaged is such an exciting time! Between deciding on how to post the perfect engagement announcement on IG, and planning your dream wedding in your head overnight (helicopter entrance, yes please!), it can be mentally draining. 

Starting your dress search is literally one of the funnest times in your life. Unless you've done pageants, a wedding dress will be one of the first times you've put on such a glamorous, expensive dress. Not gonna lie, it can be intimidating! Apart from all the colors, shapes and styles to choose from, there is also all the pressure of finding the dress that lives up to your expectations. Plus, getting a wedding dress on is hard work! Some weight 15 lbs (not joking). 

So, it's easy to excitedly book an appointment and show up without doing a bit of homework on how to best prepare for a bridal appointment. Now, it's funny to say that, because you would never "prepare" to go buy shoes, but trust us, wedding dresses are a different ball game. So here are 8 tips to keep in mind for your first bridal appointment.

#1- Start thinking about your undergarments

Undergarments can drastically change the look of a dress on your body. A lot of dresses will have cups so you can go braless in you want, but some dresses are meant to be tried on with a bra. One things should be obvious here... wear underwear! And if you are considering wearing shapewear like Spanx, make sure to bring those too. Some fabrics are unforgiving and clingy, so bring the Spanx so you can get a true idea of how it will look. 

#2- Have an idea of how you will be getting married

Picturing a beach wedding? Possibly sometime late fall outside with the leaves falling? Or maybe a formal evening wedding complete with fireworks and unlimited champagne? How you envision your big day will influence what dress you pick. It's okay not to have the date and location nailed down, but wearing a heavily beaded, poofy dress on the beaches of Hawaii might make you miserable after the first 5 minutes. 

#3- Don't go overboard on your hair and makeup for your bridal appointment 

This is a tough one, because you want to look your best when deciding on your gown so you can fully visualize the look. The reality is though, trying on dresses is hard work. Many dresses have to go on over your head (goodbye updo) and you can easily smudge red lipstick all over your dream gown (or someone else's). Since Savvy Bride sells off the rack, we need to do a better job than other boutiques at keeping the dresses in pristine condition. So while wearing makeup is completely fine, try toning down bronzer and lipstick until you know the gown is for you. Trust us, you'll appreciate other brides doing this as well! Oh - and DEFINITELY no spray tans leading up to the appointment!

#4- Have a budget in mind

We've all seen it - bride walks into Kleinfeld's with a modest budget, falls in love with a gown twice that, and leaves empty handed. Or worse - buys the dress and has to sell her car to pay the difference. Don't be that bride! Trust us when we say, there is the perfect dress for you IN your budget at Savvy Bride. And if you go over your budget, make sure that you are 100% okay with it. 

#5- Have an open mind when trying on dresses

If it's your first appointment, or even if it is your 5th appointment, it's important to keep an open mind with styles and cuts. Think you don't want a ballgown? Try one on anyways! Firstly, because when will you ever get to put a ballgown on again...and secondly, because you can't officially rule anything out unless you are sure. Who knows, you may like how you look in something you weren't expecting. Your bridal consultants will know all the dresses we have in stock, and they are experts in dress selection, so trust her if she pulls something for you to try on that doesn't look that appealing on the hanger. Because at the end of the day, finding a dress is fun! So have some fun while learning what dresses make you feel the best.

#6- Pick your Squad right

Some tough love here... who you bring to your appointment will absolutely impact your experience. Everyone has an idea of how you should look on your big day and it can lead you down an emotionally upsetting path if there are too many opinions flying through the air. Wanting to include everyone is a good idea in theory, but it's bad in reality. So be picky! Choose those individuals that know you, and know how you want to look on your day. Some brides choose to shop on their own (myself included!) and that is totally okay. From a personal level, I had anxiety while dress shopping, and found that being alone with the Bridal Consultant made me feel the most comfortable. So don't be afraid of hurting anyone's feelings, set yourself up for success and be choosy on your Squad. 

#7- If you have pictures or an inspiration board, bring it!

If you're like most bride-to-be's, you probably have a Pinterest board or an iPhone full of pictures of dream dresses prior to going dress shopping. If you do, bring it! It is a great starting point. And even if you don't love the dress style on you as much as in the picture, at least you can feel good about narrowing it down. Your Bridal Consultant spends at least the first half of the appointment trying to get to know you and your style. So give her a head start with some pictures of what you'd like to try on. 

We can't wait to be a small part of your big day.

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