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A Sneak Peak Inside Your Savvy Bride Appointment

There is no better feeling than walking into your appointment with excitement (sometimes nervous excitement and that's okay!) knowing that you are about to find your dream dress. But it can also be a little intimidating, as this is usually the time when there are a lot of opinions, and people. So we want to give you a sneak peak of your "I Said Yes" moment, so you can prepare yourself however you'd like.

When you arrive, whether you visit our Charlotte, NC, Morganton, NC, or Greenville, SC location, you will immediately notice our signature flower wall. You may even have recognized it from pictures your friends have posted online (it's pretty famous!!). Feel free to grab a picture with your crew right away or we will definitely grab a group photo after you've said yes!

Depending on what's going on that day, you may be directed to one of our seating areas before going back to your bridal suite. We always aim to start your appointment right on time, but if we don't, it is because we are allowing a bride who has found her gown savor the moment a minute or two extra. Don't worry though, we will do the same for you! Plus, while you wait you will be sipping on some complimentary champagne which certainly gets you into the celebratory mood.

As we start your appointment, we will ask you all the details of your big day. Questions like, "what is your venue?", "what vibe are you going for?", "have you been shopping or is this your first time?", etc. We ask these questions because we want to pinpoint what it is you're looking for. And if you don't know exactly what you're looking for that is okay! We are experts and will certainly help you narrow it down to "the one". If you've been shopping before, we may ask if you want to share any photos of gowns you liked. We aren't asking because we are nosey though- it is because seeing photos of what you like is sometimes easier for us to figure out the parts of the gown you like/dislike so we can start pulling gowns that meet your criteria.

After we have a brief discussion, we will go shopping! Most brides choose to come shopping with us because they want to see our inventory. You can choose to also have your stylist pull the gowns to start with. Whatever way you want to shop is alright with us! Depending on which location you visit will determine what gowns will be available. A lot are available for immediate purchase, we have an extensive designer list to order gowns with any modifications, as well as a custom designer. So regardless of what you're looking for, we've got you covered.

As you try on gowns and you narrow down to your favorite few -think about your wedding day as you retry on your top picks. Can you sit in the dress? Can you dance in the dress? Can you walk in it? Your bridal stylist will help clip you into the dress to help you get a better idea of the look and feel. But at the end of the day, you need to be able to walk down the aisle and enjoy yourself. Make sure your gown checks ALL the boxes and makes you feel wonderful. Not every bride will cry happy tears, or know immediately that their gown is "the one" either. Sometimes you need to go and sleep on it, or review pictures, or even visit another boutique. It is YOUR gown and YOUR moment, don't let yourself just settle. We want you to be happy in your dress walking down the aisle, whether you purchase with us or not. So be true to yourself!

When the moment comes that you feel you've found your dream dress, it is time to get all jacked up and finish the look. Queue veil, accessories, shoes and the bouquet! We will take you to do our famous "bridal walk" so you can see yourself, literally, walking down the aisle. And we have plenty of tissues on hand for both you and your crew. And we love this moment because it fills the boutique with so much happy energy! Plus, we go ahead and pop another bottle of champagne to celebrate!

We love every single bride that walks through our doors and believe that the wedding dress is the single most important garment you will wear in your life. We know how much this moment means and we know how to make it special. We are truly honored to meet and help every bride that chooses Savvy Bride, and we can't wait to meet you and your loved ones.

To view our dresses or find out more information on which location you want to visit, please visit our Charlotte, Morganton and Greenville pages.

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