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The 100% Love It Guarantee - Love It Or Exchange It!

For anyone who is currently in the process of wedding dress shopping... one of the scariest thoughts is saying yes to the wrong dress. The fear of picking the wrong gown can lead a bride to delay the decision making process, subsequently turning a fun, positive experience into one of stress, dread and panic.

One of the biggest complaints around wedding dress shopping is the inability to change your mind once you buy a dress. And trust us, this isn't because the bridal industry has banded together and decided on this stupid rule. It's because when a dress is ordered, it is made specifically for that bride. And if that bride were to change their mind after she says "yes to the dress" - the boutique is still on the hook for the gown from the designer. Thus - stupid rules exist. 

Savvy Bride's model is different than your stereotypical boutique in that the majority of our gowns are purchased out of our collection and taken home that day. We do of course offer payment plans and have certain designers we order from, but 90% of the gowns go home with the bride when she says "yes to the dress". This gives us more flexibility than other boutiques when it comes to helping brides that may have jumped the gun. It is still a very grey area though. And personally - I hate grey areas. As a customer, I expect hassle free exchanges from the places I shop at. So why can't we do it in Bridal?

That is why, we have decided to implement the 100% Love It Guarantee! You have 30 days from date of purchase to change your mind and exchange your gown for another Savvy dress. There are exclusions, like any good deal, but for those 90% of the dresses we sell out of our collection, this guarantee is good as gold. We feel that offering this to brides will help relieve that possible doomsday feeling of "what if this isn't my dress?"

So - no judgments, no hassles, no worries. If you don't love it and want to see what else we've received in, brides can reach out to start the process of exchanging for a different look. 

Ok - so what is the fine print? This list might seem kind of long, but after reading them you'll be like - "obviously!"

1) Does not apply to special order, custom or Happy Hour gowns

2) The gown cannot be altered, and has to be in the same condition as purchased

3) The exchange is for any gown that is equal or greater value

4) By appointment only during the week (no weekend exchanges allowed)

And this may sound obvious, however we have already had a bride ask, your original dress must have been purchased with us. Correct... we will not exchange, swap or buy a dress you purchased at some other boutique. We are a business after all, and as much as we want to help any bride that made a decision too fast, this perk is reserved for Savvy Bride's only. If you do have a dress you purchased elsewhere and regret it, check out our consignment option! Details can be found on our website under "Consign With Us".

So for future brides out there, you can feel 100% confident in your decision to be a Savvy Bride because we literally make it as easy as possible for you to find your dream dress!

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