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Thinking of owning a Savvy Bride Boutique?

We know this statement is biased, but we really believe it to be true - Savvy Brides are the best brides out there. And not just because we get to know each one of them and get to partake, just a little bit, in one of the biggest days of their lives, but because we genuinely think they are cut from the same cloth as us.

That is why we think we get along so well, too. That whole, "we totally get each other" vibe. And as we also believe in the law of attraction, Savvy Bride truly thinks that you get in return what you put out into the universe. We truly want to make our Bride's dreams come true, and do business with as much care as possible. We think the universe rewards us by sending us the best brides.

After reflecting on how many Savvy Brides we have made part of our family (almost 1,000 since 2018!), it got us really thinking about what attracts certain brides to us. So after asking a few Savvy Brides myself - here is some of their feedback:

1. We Have One-Of-A-Kind Dresses

We buy SO MANY dresses, and with the network of designers and boutiques across the country, we get to hand-select each and every dress that comes through our door. Of course, this is like the best part of the job, but it also means that we have what other boutiques don't - pretty much every bridal look out there. That one-sleeved, high slit dress that takes someone bold and fashion-forward to wear? Yup - a bride said yes as soon as we posted it on our IG. Most boutiques buy gowns that appeal to the masses - because buying a sample of a gown that takes that one-in-a-million bride is a bad investment. That is the gowns we look for though, because it makes us different. And different is what we are known for. Of course we have traditional dresses, they are the bread and butter of bridal, but for the brides looking for that Instagram worthy look? We are the place.

2. We Offer The 100% Love-It-Guarantee

Buying a wedding dress is exciting... and scary. It is one of the largest purchases a bride makes, and only wears once. It has to live up to not only her expectations, but most of the time has to also please her family and friends. So it is scary to say yes, knowing that it MAY be the wrong one. At Savvy Bride though, we offer a guarantee - you can exchange the gown within 30 days (obviously there are exclusions, but 98% of our dresses have this guarantee). We have had quite a handful of brides book second appointments and exchanged the gown for something else. It is that peace-of-mind that you can say yes, but also change your mind. We love all of our brides - even the indecisive ones! Being indecisive myself, this was important to include in the Savvy Bride perks. It also attracts a lot of brides to our store because we are more flexible than any other boutique.

3. Walking Into Your Appointment Is Like Visiting Your BFF

Corny, but true! We take hiring stylists very seriously. And we have a knack for hiring the right people. Think you need 8 years of bridal experience? Would you be shocked to know that most of our stylists didn't have bridal experience when starting with Savvy? We hire based on a different set of criteria - like are they good listeners? Do they have empathy? Can they envision a wedding dress the way a bride can? This is how, when brides walk in the door, it feels so comfortable. We aren't your stuffy, white-gloved type of place. We want you to feel like you're visiting your BFF, who is waiting for you at the door with champagne. Umm... yes please!

4. It Really Feels Like We Care

Well...this sounds kind of silly, but just imagine you buy a gown, lose 25 lbs and you are terrified it can't be altered. Or it is your wedding day, and you forgot your veil. Or any number of scary things that can happen leading up to your wedding.

Once you become a Savvy Bride, it is our mission to be there until the moment you walk down the aisle. It is not just a relationship that ends when you pay for your gown. We habitually set up and attend alterations appointments with our brides if there are issues, we have raced over to a venue with a veil for a bride to borrow just in time for her to walk down the aisle. We have also been invited several times as guests to weddings! Bottom line is, we are there for brides 100% of the way. It's just how we roll!

And as we roll into year 6 of business, we are starting to think bigger. We have gotten quite a lot of requests to open a Savvy Bride Boutique in other spots, and we think it is the right time. And what better way to start than with our Savvy Bride family! We would love to hear from former brides, or guests of brides, where we should pop up next?

If you have an interest in permanently becoming a Savvy Bride, by owning one in your area - email us! We would love to hear your story, get to know you, and see where it goes. We already have one in the works... any guesses on where? We're taking bets!


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