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We think we're pretty cool,
                but don't take our word for it...

I had Avery as my stylist when I went. I had a particular idea of what I wanted, and she pulled so many that were right along it! She recommended getting a couple that were different just to be smart and explore other options in case.


I thought I’d found one and she had one more she pulled that I hadn’t seen yet and really actually had no idea we had. It ended up being absolutely perfect and completely surprised me.


She completely went off my energy, we laughed the entire time and she found my dream dress so easily and quickly. It honestly felt like she was a close friend during the entire experience. Everyone else was SO sweet and this place has the cutest, most comfortable vibe. I had 5 appt set up, but within 45 minutes here, I was the happiest bride ever. I recommend Savvy Bride (and my girl Avery!) 1000%. Go here!!


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